The Buyer's Overview

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Do you dream of owning your own business? 

Buying a business can be a complicated procedure, from finding the right one to working out all the details required for a smooth transfer of ownership.

While there is no such thing as the “perfect” business, a business broker knows the importance of finding one that fits your needs, talents, skills and lifestyle. A business broker has many different types of businesses for you to consider and the knowledge and experience to walk you through the entire process.

Consider the following as you decide whether buying a business is right for you.


The Business Buyer's Guide

Going into business for yourself is a big step, one that can be full of apprehension and even fear. Almost 90 percent of all those who purchase a small business have never owned a business. Most of them bought a business that was different than what they had been looking for. These buyers had the opportunity to explore the marketplace and subsequently found a business more to their liking. In most cases, the seller financed the sale.

As you begin your search, keep in mind that running your own business is more than a job; it is a lifestyle change. In most cases, it is a very big lifestyle change. Usually, you will be working longer hours, making all of the decisions, and, as the expression goes, “you will be the chief cook and bottle washer.” In other words, you will be doing all of the work from running the business to, in some cases, sweeping the floor and changing the light bulbs.

Most buyers are seeking to obtain the following when considering the purchase of a business:

  • Pride in the service or the product
  • Flexibility
  • Income
  • Control of own destiny
  • Recognition
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Status
  • Customer and employee contact

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The decision to buy a business is exciting. Working with a consultant will ensure your buying experience doesn't ruin your motivation. 

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Buying a business is a bold step for anyone to take, and it’s our job to help you succeed. Whether you’re a Lifestyle, Strategic, Corporate or Investment buyer you want a business that best suits your needs, structured affordably.

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